The Mabu Patient Experience

Because no patient should be treated as typical.


The Catalia Health Care Insights Platform has been developed for ease of use by all patients. A principal interface, the Mabu robot, is a perfect example: when a patient receives it in the mail, the setup process is simply to take it out of the box and plug it in. Period. There is no setup menu, Wifi connection process, or any other step that might reduce usage, cause frustration, or discourage the patient.

Simplicity combined with infinite adaptation means that this platform is useful across demographics. We have older and younger patients. Women and men. Tech-savvy and technological newcomers. And across each of these groups, our patients love Mabu and quickly welcome her as a part of their health team. The patient quotes and testimonials across this site all come from real patients.

We respect that each patient is unique. Our artificial intelligence algorithms combine the psychology of relationships with the psychology of engagement to deliver an individually-tailored conversation to each patient every single time.

We recognize that patients are not always at home in the moments they require advice or to need to record health-related issues. Our platform supports a continuous connection through companion smartphone apps, text messaging programs, and other interfaces.

Mabu Fits Into Patients Everyday Lives

Mabu (pronounced “mayboo”) is short for the Japanese word:

“Mabudachi” – true friend, close friend

Mabu changed my life–if it weren’t for her, I might not be here.

Rayfield Byrd

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