Mission statement

Catalia Health is on a mission to address both sides of healthcare: improving patient outcomes and experiences while providing leading healthcare companies with better data and optimized outcomes with a cost-effective solution.

Our Team

Catalia Health’s team of experts in AI and healthcare are dedicated to transforming chronic disease management through innovative technology and personalized patient care.

Cory Kidd

The concept for Catalia Health is based on the Dr. Kidd’s Ph.D. work in AI & psychology at MIT. This is his second company.

Devon Edwards

Devon Edwards

Devon has developed deep expertise in the operational and regulatory aspects of healthcare that allow Catalia Health to be effective.
Shrabani Jain

Shrabani Jain

Shrabani’s experience at Genentech, Oracle, and med device startups brings a depth of knowledge to help us move quickly in entrenched healthcare.

Jill Greczek

Jill’s graduate work at USC brings expertise in human-robot interaction that is reflected in every conversation with a patient

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