Data and Analytics

Actionable data to change patient outcomes.

  • Timely data
  • Daily check-ins
  • Smart alerts based on configurable rules

RWE/RWD, HEOR, PROs, telemedicine, biometric devices, market research, and patient satisfaction data can all be part of the daily Mabu conversation.

Virtual trial or study visit scenarios: COVID-19 has set unprecedented demand for patient visits at home. The Mabu social robot is there to collect PROs, daily feedback, and facilitate telemedicine visits.

Data differentiation. Mabu can collect RWE/RWD on a brand’s effectiveness to provide evidence for inclusion in the formulary based on HEOR comparisons. The Platform elicits and analyzes patient data to create patient journeys and insights.

Accurate and robust data collection. With Mabu, patients report and record PROs or other data at home as they experience symptoms and take the medication. The result is more real-world data (RWD).
Around the clock remote monitoring. Mabu monitors data constantly and reports to clinical teams based on program rules including on safety, adverse events, and compliance.

Biometric and other connected devices. The Mabu Care Insights Platform seamlessly connects with devices to collect and report the relevant data.

Proven Engagement

Patient Opt-in Rates


Above 60%

Ongoing Engagement

6+ Months

Conversation Length

30+ min/month

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